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Your First Choice for ICF

The benefits are simple, from the designer to the occupier, the IntegraSpec ICF system is innovative, flexible and meets the needs of all customer groups.

The Designer

  • Creative Opportunities

    Curves and unusual lines can be created giving a building a unique quality with innovative shapes.
  • Flexibility

    With few components and a modular structure, the flexibility of the IntegraSpec ICF system makes it extremely easy to work with. It can cope with any scale of project from bespoke domestic properties to education, or multi-storey health buildings.
  • Finishes

    The exterior of an IntegraSpec ICF system building can be completed in a variety of cladding solutions. Colours and textures can be added to the design of the building to create impact.
  • Compatibility

    The IntegraSpec ICF system is compatible with many other building or supplier systems such as foundations, flooring, internal walling and other structural features.
  • High Standards

    BBA Approval inspection testing certificateThe quality of the products and services that IntegraSpec delivers is critical. The system components and service during the design stage are key to fulfilling the project requirements and delivering the best solution possible. IntegraSpec only deliver to qualified installers.
  • Modern

    Designing a building using the IntegraSpec ICF system is an innovative approach to construction. It is key to developing energy efficient buildings that are quick to build across many industries, from domestic housing to commercial, retail or industrial buildings that will outlive any wood framed buildings by many years.

The Installer

  • Speed of Contruction

    Constructing a building using the IntegraSpec ICF system is quick, with up to 50% less time than traditional methods. The system is purpose built for ease and speed of construction whatever the scale of project.
  • Reduced labour

    The IntegraSpec ICF system requires less labour than a traditional building project. This allows for a more cost-effective focused workforce and better budget control.
  • Weatherproof Shell

    The speed in which a watertight environment can be built using the IntegraSpec ICF system adds to the fast construction times as other trades, such as plumbing and electrics, can access to finish the building. This also extends the building season into Autumn and Winter.
  • Simple Installation

    Installing an IntegraSpec ICF system requires training and skill, but this is minimal compared to other forms of modern construction methods. Clearly marked cut lines allow fast and accurate window and door placement, plus cutting of gable ends.
  • Less Equipment and Transportation

    The need for heavy mechanical plant and equipment is significantly reduced. Few power tools are required and transportation costs are less.
  • Safe

    The IntergraSpec ICF system construction site has a radically reduced health and safety risk. The reduction in machinery, labour and transportation creates a safer environment. There is less noise and the materials can be easily carried as they are lightweight and reduce the risk of injury.

The Occupier

  • Low Running Costs

    The high level of insulation that comes with installing an IntegraSpec ICF system creates an energy efficient environment that costs less to heat and cool and therefore costs less to run.
  • Acoustics

    The structure of the IntergaSpec ICF system gives it an inherent sound absorption quality that reduces impact sound and airborne noise. This gives a building a manageable level of acoustic performance and reduces noise from adjoining properties.
  • Healthy Environment

    An IntregraSpec ICF system is extremely efficient when it comes to factors such as heating, cooling and ventilation. This significantly reduces drafts and the formation of mould resulting in a healthier living environment.
  • Fire Resistant

    Offering better fire safety compared to traditional timber framed construction, an IntegraSpec ICF system has a high resistance to fire due to the materials it is made of. Concrete does not burn and so offers confidence and peace of mind when constructing a safe environment against fire. The system has been shown to offer a three hour fire resistance, based on a 150mm concrete core.
  • Minimum Maintenance

    Ongoing maintenance costs are dramatically reduced as the IntergraSpec ICF system is robust, designed to withstand the elements and built to last.
  • Accepted by Planner and Insurers

    The IntergraSpec ICF system has been approved by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) as a proven alternative to traditional building methods.
  • Longlife and Adaptable for the future

    The IntregraSpec ICF system offers a strong, safe, energy efficient, sustainable building alternative. It is durable over time; an ICF system building should more than exceed the average lifespan of a traditional constructed building.