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Hello and welcome to Integraspec UK's first blog post!

Over the coming months we will use this area to keep you updated on the progress of our projects and product developments. We have a lot of exciting plans for the future and hope that you will find these developments to be interesting and beneficial to your own business. 

One of our newest projects starts in the next few weeks so stand by for some pictures from site. As a taster though, have a look at the attached link which shows the architects impression of this stunning property in the Cotswolds.............

but here's one to be going on with!!


This will be constructed using our 250mm wide webs. Waterproof concrete utilising Kryten chemicals and also RIW membranes are being used to ensure the structure remains waterproof. These walls are 3.5m high and 250mm wide and we may well do this in 1 pour. (We'll let you know!)

As our parent Company is based in Canada and has a very strong presence in the North American market we will also keep you up to date with how ICF in general and Integraspec in particular is performing against the LEED building criteria. It will also be interesting to see how this system compares with our own Part L, BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes, not to mention Passive House  (or PassivHaus)! 

We're also hoping to have guest bloggers coming on to talk to us about other products that work well with our own system as we develop case studies. We're looking to  have some innovative renewable energy products on our project in South Wales..........


We'll let you know when we know they are going in and will then keep you informed of the actual energy use in these properties.

It's quite funny seeing the puzzled expressions of the people going past this site. Some do ask what's going on and when we explain how the system works  we get an instant response - "they'll be warm houses then!!" And so say all of us.

Back soon.


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